H20 Beams and 3ply panels for formworks

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Beams and panels for slab formworks

At GBM you will find beams and panels designed to meet any needs of the construction industry.

Slab H20 beams

Slab H20 beams

GBM slab H20 beams are currently the most resistant in the market. Available in various sizes, they are made of solid fir.

Formwork panels

Formwork panels

GBM formwork sheets come with 3 layers of wood obtained from fir and spruce trees, coated with highly resistant melamine resin.

General features

GBM H20 and GBM H20+ slab beams are currently the most resistant in the market. They come in various sizes. They are made with the outer parts made of selected quality solid fir, comb-like coupled using the finger-joint technology, and with a three-layer core. They may come in plastic protections so as to reduce the risk of chipping the outer parts of the beams.

GBM formwork sheets are built with 3 layers of wood obtained from fir and spruce trees grown in sustainable forests. The panels are coated with highly resistant melamine resin. They are often used in the construction industry and stand out for their quality and durability above all.

GBM - Beams and panels catalogue

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Content of the catalogue? General information and technical features: type of wood, weight, dimensions (they come in various standard lengths), certificates etc.

GBM's beams and panels catalogue


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