Shoring towers

The Shoring towers (or "propping towers") are modular structures capable of reaching 12 metres high. Ideal for working off the ground, guaranteeing safe, quick and simple operating conditions.

About Shoring towers

The "Shoring tower" (also referred to as "propping tower" ,”shoring tower”or "scaffolding tower") is a modular structure capable of reaching 12 metres high.

STS 100 is GBM standard Shoring tower model. This is GBM solution to problems faced by those working at the site off the ground. This solution simultaneously guarantees safety, quickness and ease of work as if done on the ground.

The Shoring tower is made up of frameworks and diagonals, assembled in a modular structure so as to reach the desired height between 2 and 12 metres, with intermediate heights every 0.50 m.

Using the STS 100 Shoring tower entails some major advantages when working at the site, including:

  • volumetric overall dimensions and lesser weight with respect to a fixed structure: the single components have low volume and packaging hence facilitating transportation to the worksite;
  • ease of planning: the small number of components enables obtaining a structure with wide range of variations, without requiring any planning step;
  • versatility to suit needs: starting from a basic ground structure measuring 1 x 1 m, one can set up the working plane at the desired height by varying the height of the adjustable base and fork;
  • ease of assembly and use: with just 5 different components, and due to the simple and safe mutual couplings, assembly is easy and quick at any height;
  • high loading capacity at any height with a 55.2 kn maximum capacity;
  • hot-dip galvanization makes the components robust and confers them a long useful life;
  • possibility to assemble directly in vertical position (with or without diagonals) directly ready for use, or in a position horizontal to the ground (with diagonals only) with vertical elevation to be carried out subsequently.
GBM Shoring towers or propping towers

GBM Shoring towers dimensions table

Torre di carico o torre di puntellazione GBM
Tower Height (m) Frame Diagonal Weight
1,75 - 2,30 4 4 93,72
2,25 - 2,80 6 6 107,58
2,75 - 3,30 8 8 121,44
3,25 - 3,80 10 10 135,30
3,75 - 4,30 12 12 149,16
4,25 - 4,80 14 14 163,02
4,75 - 5,30 16 16 176,88
5,25 - 5,80 18 18 190,74
5,75 - 6,30 20 20 204,60
6,25 - 6,80 22 22 218,46
6,75 - 7,30 24 24 232,32
7,25 - 7,80 26 26 246,18
7,75 - 8,30 28 28 260,04
8,25 - 8,80 30 30 273,90
8,75 - 9,30 32 32 287,76
9,25 - 9,80 34 34 301,62
9,75 - 10,30 36 36 315,48
10,25 - 10,80 38 38 329,34
10,75 - 11,30 40 40 343,20
11,25 - 11,80 42 42 357,06
11,75 - 12,30 44 44 370,92

GBM Shoring towers loads table

Tower Height (m) With diagonal (kN) Without diagonal (kN)
2,50 55,20 55,15
3,00 53,30 53,33
4,00 52,12 52,12
5,00 51,10 51,21
6,00 50,30 50,30
7,00 49,70 49,70
8,00 49,10 49,09
9,00 48,80 48,79
10,00 48,50 48,48
11,00 47,90 47,88
12,00 47,30 47,27

GBM Shoring towers use and maintenance manual ("instructions booklet")

GBM Shoring towers use and maintenance manual ("instructions booklet") is a crucial instrument for the worksite operator. The instructions booklet instructs the operator on use and maintenance operations as well as perfect functionality thereof.

Download GBM Shoring towers use and maintenance manual ("instructions booklet") in pdf format (7 MB).

Or go straight to the online version.

Content of the catalogue? Technical features of GBM propping towers: product description, components of the STS100 tower, verifications and checks on the components, assembly and use of the towers, general instructions, vertical assembly, horizontal assembly, releasing towers, cleaning and maintenance, capacity and displacements table, distribution diagram.

Would you like to view the full GBM props catalogue?

Download the full catalogue in pdf format (5 MB)

Or go straight to the online version.

GBM - Building props catalogue

GBM Shoring Props: Data Sheet

GBM shoring prop specifications, data sheet & capacity tables: maximum extension, minimum extension, inner tube, outer tube, weight, compression... If you want to know it all, just...

Download the datasheet of our shoring props (PDF / 0.1 MB)

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