Używane podpory i rusztowania: poznaj usługę "all inclusive" GBM.

Przegląd, konserwacja, sortowanie, katalogowanie, przechowywanie... Zakup używanych materia łów może być problematyczny. Jednak gbm wie  jak te trudności  rozwiązać. Wszystkie.


Second hand props and scaffoldings: discover GBM's "all inclusive" service

Experience does not come out of the blue: inspection, maintenance, choice, cataloguing, storage... handling procurement of second-hand building material directly can entail several problems that could cause the prices to rise unpredictably if addressed for the first time. GBM has the solution to all of your problems. Especially those you are not well versed with.

When a company decides to buy second-hand building equipment, it may be faced with problems that inevitably lead to waste of time as well as investing more energy and money than initially expected.

The scaffolding second-hand market is unique. We - at GBM - are aware of the problems faced by buyers and sellers. And we solve them all. In the interest of both. Here is how we prepared a plan capable of ensuring a more pocket-friendly and safe purchase of second-hand material.

Going out for second-hand material on your own: how convenient is it?

In order to reduce costs and times related to buying the required material, use of second-hand materials is becoming a widespread practice in some markets, at times even without engaging brokers of building material. And often, when faced with an opportunity (for example when clearing a warehouse) even those who do not deem it a valid option are tempted to go for it. However, to someone not well versed with the second-hand market or someone venturing into assessing or buying second-hand products for the first time, a seemingly unrepeatable opportunity could turn out to be less advantageous than expected (if not counter-productive).

"Do it yourself” second-hand products? Here are some unpredictable problems

Caught wind of how to land a major batch of second-hand material? Great! However, which unpredictable problems could you be faced with when sealing the deal? Here are a few:

  • the quality of the material could be lower - even by far - than previously stated by the dealer. Or, even worse, the structural wholeness of the material may need verification. This considerably increases the overall cost;
  • you have to spend time and money to go to the site to check the goods: no one will compensate you for neither should the deal fall through;
  • good quality second-hand material which however does not match or only partly matches the description available online or described over the phone: the pictures sent to you were retrieved from the internet, the indicated price was approximate and exclusive of accessory costs, the material is incomplete, thus not up to standard, hence actually non-utilisable;
  • the volume of the second-hand material is smaller than the stated volume (maybe due to the fact that the initial batch was drawn from smaller batches, some of which have already been sold), and this entails several unexpected problems (one cannot even put together a full truck or the transportation cost weighs excessively on the unitary and total cost);
  • appropriate loading equipment (forklifts for instance) is missing on site, thus implying wasting time and money to source them.

Market and products: you better trust those who know them truly well

In order to overcome the aforementioned problems, a good option could be turning to someone specialised in manufacturing and selling new and second-hand scaffoldings and props. Thus, the experience of the person carrying out the preliminary and assessment research on the ground can spare you unpleasant surprises and help you save your precious time.

For years now, mainly as concerns customers in emerging markets (and beyond), GBM has been selling second-hand building material: various brands of scaffoldings (GBM, Jolly, Goffi, Ceta, Pilosio, Dalmine, Marcegaglia to name but a few), light and heavy-duty props (including GBM, Doka, Peri, Hunnebeck props), beams and panels (such as GBM, Doka, Peri, Kauffman, Pfeifer), accessories (adjustable sideboards, orthogonal and rotatable joints, ring nuts, flanges, ladders) as well as building and worksite machinery (shearing, bending, cutting machines).

Fully aware of the needs of customers in need of this material as well as the various source markets, we created an internal logistics service for sourcing and sorting second-hand products.

GBM works with a network of expert agents who report small and large batches of material on daily basis. The material is then moved to our warehouses in Brescia (close to Milan - for transportation costs reference purposes) where it undergoes strict inspection and upgrading procedures.

The solution?

Do you remember the problems listed in the previous list? Here is how we - at GBM - systematically overcome and eliminate them:

  • preliminary assessment of the material, so as to ensure our quality standard;
  • inspecting the second-hand material to verify whether and how much of it is in optimal conditions, the amount of repair as well as what is to be replaced and supplemented with products with new pieces (manufactured by us) to ensure it is complete and up to standard;
  • repainting (at a competitive price) carried out at our production premises in a dip coating vat;
  • sending TRUE images of the goods in question;
  • choosing, separating and cataloguing products;
  • storage and logistics: the material is stored and kept special containers bearing labels describing models and amounts immediately disclosing the content and thus facilitating the customers’ record-keeping;
  • optimising spaces and weights on the loads and transportation; storing and cataloguing containers enables an optimal loading of the truck, thus saving in terms of money spent for each trip and reducing the number of trips.

Supplying second-hand scaffoldings and props: service makes a (lot of) difference

The commitment and care we put into handling second-hand material as well as supplying it in compliance with our quality standards shows in the end result. Though some of our services (like cataloguing) may seem superfluous, they always strive towards

  • solving every problem from the root before it recurs. These are problems you would also encounter were you to directly engaged in recovering and inspecting the material;
  • providing our customers with services capable of meeting their buying expectations.

Based on our experience, we are aware of what you are looking for in our products. Now that you know how serious we are, how committed we are and how methodical we are at addressing and overcoming any potential challenge...

Please contact us at: sales@gbmitaly.com and we will be glad to give you any information you may require!


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