Wooden H20 beams cleaner "Puli-Beam"

GBM wooden beams cleaner Puli-Beam allows you to easily clean your H20 beams for formworks.


Wooden H20 beams cleaner "Puli-Beam"

GBM Pulibeam cleaner allows you to easily clean your beams for formworks.

Cleans wooden items for worksite like panels, H12, H16 and H20 beams simultaneously applying the release agent.

Advancement speed about 7 meters per minute.

Equipped with lifting screws, a removable handle, wheels and safety device.

GBM H20 Wooden Beams cleaner

Technical features

The Puli-Beam machine revolutionizes the wooden panels cleaners sector and combines extraordinary performance with low prices.

This machine results from a multi-years experience of G.B.M. previous models.

The machine, each component and each gear are patented.

The machine can clean panels with an advancement speed about 7 meters per minute.

The ratio-motor 0.5 Hp (on three-phase model) or 0.75 Hp (on single-phase model) furnished with the machine for traction, synchronized and keyed directly into the driving rollers, allows for the complete elimination of chains,thereby eliminating all maintenance and adjustments.

The cleaning of the table begins in the driving rollers, which, thanks to the rounded and helical milled grooves along the surface, crush the coarser cement residues.

The first couple of scrapers do the preliminary cleaning and the second one finishes it.

The following release agent jets clean the panels and wipes away the residual dust inside the container filter and the rubber spatulas take off the excessive release agent.

The rubber sheaths remove the excess release agent.

The scraper discs are made of hardened steel for a high durability.

The thin thickness of the scraper permits a perfect cleaning with a minimum pressure on the board in order to protect the surface resin.

In practice there is the same result as accurate hand cleaning. Each scraper disc is independent of the other and thanks to the rod can be regulated in a different way on the dirty surface.

The particular shape of the scraper disc makes both edges usable with smooth rotation, as they are put together with a simple push.

The machine, each component and each gear are patented.


Length 2065 mm

Width 1130 mm

Max height 1510 mm

Total weight 330kg approximately.

Machine to clean yellow panels for GBM formwork


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