Overview of GBM scaffolding for shipbuilding use

Quick guide on the benefits of using them


Shipyards are complex and demanding environments, requiring specialised solutions to ensure safe and efficient operations.

A key tool in this context is GBM's shipbuilding scaffolding. These devices are specially designed to meet the unique requirements of shipbuilding and ship renovation, offering versatility of use and practicality with their use.

The advantages of using our scaffolding are as follows:


Safety is a top priority on any construction site, and maritime environments present additional conditions to consider such as water and weather conditions.

Scaffolding for shipbuilding use is designed with these challenges in mind, providing a solid and safe platform for working at height.

They are made of galvanised steel to provide a product life in the order of decades.

Adaptability and Versatility

Scaffolding for shipbuilding use is multidirectional, a type of scaffolding designed to better adapt to the different configurations of shipyards.

Thanks to the modular structure of their components, the design and structure of the scaffolding can be realised with variable geometry, in order to adapt to the different shapes and sizes of the ships to be refurbished.

Their versatility makes it easier to work on non-linear structures such as hulls, superstructures and other parts of the ship.


Scaffolding for shipbuilding use provides easy access to different areas of the ship. They can be placed around the hull, superstructures and other parts of the vessel to allow workers to easily reach work areas.

They can also be equipped with ladders, gangways and loading platforms to ensure safe and easy movement of workers and materials.


Scaffolding for shipbuilding use improves the efficiency of operations on site. They provide a stable and safe platform for working at height, allowing workers to perform their tasks with greater precision and speed.

In addition, the ability to adjust the height and configuration of the scaffolding allows it to be adapted to different stages of the construction or repair process, reducing set-up and dismantling time.

In certain situations, compatible with national and international standards, it is also possible to build permanent or semi-permanent structures with GBM multidirectional scaffolding components such as covers or hangars.

By proceeding in this way, a more efficient use of one's resources can be achieved compared to the installation of an equivalent prefabricated structure and/or with foundations, with reduced costs and time for the initial construction, and the possibility once the job in question is finished, the scaffolding can be dismantled and reused later for other purposes.

In conclusion, scaffolding for shipbuilding applications is an indispensable solution for ensuring the safety and efficiency of shipyards. They provide a safe working environment suited to the specific needs of each shipyard. Investing in high-quality scaffolding suitable for the maritime environment can make all the difference in terms of productivity in shipyards.

We always remember the importance of relying on experienced professionals in the installation and maintenance of scaffolding to ensure maximum safety on site.

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GBM's shipbuilding scaffoldings

GBM's shipbuilding scaffoldings

Shipyards are complex and demanding environments, requiring specialised solutions such as GBM's shipbuilding scaffolding.


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