Pin-type scaffolding

We - at GBM - have been manufacturing pin-type scaffoldings for construction companies across the world.
They do not fear comparisons in terms of safety, economy and ease of use.
Learn more about the technical features and request in just a few seconds.


About pin-type scaffoldings

GBM pin-type italian scaffoldings are the best any building company can wish for in terms of a scaffolding that is safe, quick to assemble and simple to use.

Connection between the frames is carried out by means of pipe horizontal ledgers and diagonal braces featuring - at the ends - holes with diameter appropriate for the insertion of the pins welded on the uprights of the frameworks.

GBM pin-type scaffolding falls within the class of the so-called "facade scaffoldings” with prefabricated frameworks. Several metal frameworks (with standard height and depth) are connected to each other. Bases and parapets are fixed thereon.

Its standardisation and the fact that it is quick to assembly and disassemble make it a scaffolding that is extremely easy to use. Besides not requiring special manpower skills, it comes with the respective documents, i.e. the "scaffolding instructions booklet".

GBM - Pin-type scaffoldings

Technical features of the pin-type scaffolding

Below are the features of the GBM scaffolding:

  • Pitch: 1800 mm
  • Frame height: 2000 mm
  • Frame depth: 1050 mm
  • Half frame height: 1240 mm
  • Length of horizontal ledgers centre distance: 1800 mm
  • Length of diagonal braces centre distance: 2160 mm
  • Frame weight: 18.50 kg
  • Half frame weight: 14.00 kg
  • Horizontal ledgers weight: 2.60 kg
  • Diagonals braces weight: 3.10 kg
  • Maximum load: 300 kg/m2
  • S235JR steel pipes
  • Red RAL 3009 dip coating or hot-dip galvanization in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 1461 standard
  • Platforms with trapdoors and ladder
  • Safety parapets for the ends, stone guards, rods, top parapets, adjustable base plates, toeboards.
Pins-type scaffolding

GBM scaffolding elements and accessories

GBM scaffolding elements and accessories
Pin scaffolding frame

weight 18,50kg
code POP01

Pin scaffolding half frame

weight 14,00 kg
code POP02

Pin scaffolding lower narrow starting frame

Lower narrow starting frame
weight 17,20kg
code POP03

Pin scaffolding upper narrow starting frame

Upper narrow starting frame
weight 22,50kg
code POP04

Pin scaffolding facade diagonal brace

Facade diagonal brace
weight 3,10 kg
code POP05

Pin scaffolding plan diagonal brace

Plan diagonal brace
weight 3,10kg
code POP06

Pin scaffolding facade horizontal ledger

Facade horizontal ledger
weight 2,60kg
code POP07

Pin scaffolding end horizontal ledger

End horizontal ledger
weight 2,60 kg
code POP08

Pin scaffolding platform

weight 14,20kg
code PO09

Pin scaffolding platform with trapdoor

Platform with trapdoor
weight 26,00kg
code PO10

Pin scaffolding ladder

weight 8,50 kg
code PO11

Pin scaffolding 180 cm toeboard

180 cm toeboard
weight 4,70kg
code PO12

Pin scaffolding 105 cm toeboard

105 cm toeboard
weight 2,80kg
code PO13

Pin scaffolding end guardrail

End guardrail
weight 8,50 kg
code PO14

Tube with 2 couplers
length 1,05m weight 5,00kg
cod. PO45

Pin scaffolding 105 cm external bracket

105 cm external bracket
weight 7,00kg
code PO15

Pin scaffolding bracketstrut for bracket

Bracketstrut for bracket
weight 9,50kg
code PO16

Pin scaffolding gravel guard

Gravel guard
weight 12,10 kg
code PO17

Pin scaffolding reinforcement with 2 couplers

Reinforcement with 2 couplers
weight 5,20kg
code PO18

Pin scaffolding 1,10 mt top end rail

1,10 mt top end rail
weight 3,50kg
code POP19

Pin scaffolding 1,10 mt reinforced top end rail

1,10 mt reinforced top end rail
weight 6,20 kg
code POP20

Pin scaffolding 2,00 mt reinforced top end rail

2,00 mt reinforced top end rail
weight 14,80kg
code POP21

Pin scaffolding 2,00 mt top end rail

2,00 mt top end rail
weight 6,90kg
code POP22

Pin scaffolding 3,60 mt opening truss

3,60 mt opening truss
weight 27,00 kg
code PO23

Pin scaffolding 5,40 mt opening truss

5,40 mt opening truss
weight 39,00kg
code PO24

Pin scaffolding truss connection

Truss' connection
weight 5,00kg
code PO25

Pin scaffolding adjustable base plate

Adjustable base plate
cm35 weight 2,15 kg code PO29
cm50 weight 2,25 kg code PO28
cm75 weight 3,00 kg code PO27
cm100 weight 4,00 kg code PO26

Pin scaffolding simple base plate

Simple base plate
weight 0,90kg
code PO30

Pin scaffolding 50 cm wall tie

50 cm wall tie
weight 1,50kg - 3,20kg
code PO31

Pin scaffolding eyebolt

weight 0,20 kg
code PO32

Scaffold pin

Scaffold pin
weight 0,10kg
code PO33

Pin scaffolding double coupler

Double coupler
weight 1,40kg
code PO34

Pin scaffolding swivel coupler

Swivel coupler
weight 1,60 kg
code PO35

Pin scaffolding 48x3,2 pipe

48x3,2 pipe
weight 3,30kg/m
code PO36

Download the GBM scaffolding elements and accessories diagram in ultra high quality.


Technical data sheet

As a tool, the GBM pin-type scaffoldings technical data sheet is crucial for worksite operators. The technical data sheet informs the operator on the main features of the scaffolding.

Download the GBM pins-type scaffoldings technical data sheet in pdf format (2 MB)

GBM pins-type scaffoldings assembly, use and maintenance instructions booklet

GBM pins-type scaffoldings instructions booklet is the ministerial approval required for manufacturing, selling and using these scaffoldings. The ministerial manufacturing and use approval is granted to the manufacturer by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies (MLPS). It is available for all GBM's customers.

Download GBM pins-type scaffoldings assembly, use and maintenance instructions booklet in pdf format (7 MB)

Download GBM's pins-type scaffoldings assembly, use and maintenance instructions booklet in pdf format

Would you like to view the full GBM scaffoldings catalogue?

Download the full catalogue in PDF format (9.9 MB)

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GBM - Construction scaffoldings catalogue

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