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Product: Size / Variant
Requested amounts
Italia light props Italia light props
Painted Acrow props.
Pocket-friendly and versatile steel props. Hot dip coated (red).
DIN EN 1065 heavy duty props DIN EN 1065 heavy duty props
Heavy duty props. With up to 30kN guaranteed capacity.
Available with 173 to 550 cm extension.
Push-pull props Push-pull props
Push-pull props.
Available with 1.8 to 5.4 m extension.
Aluminium props Aluminium props
They are lighter. They reach higher heights and greater capacity.
Available with 1,45 a 6,25 m extension.
Scaffoldings Scaffoldings
Fixed scaffolding with prefabricated frameworks with predefined height and depth.
The easiest scaffolding to use. Quick to assemble, easy to disassemble.
Beams H20 Beams H20
Made of fir wood, solid treated
with water repellent paint.
Formwork 3ply wooden panels Formwork 3ply wooden panels
Resistant and coated with melamine resin.
Suitable for every construction site.

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Thanks to technological development, some metal processing associated to heavy industry are becoming more and more eco-friendly. Surprised? Here’s the reason why.

The Big 5 - Dubai - 26 - 29 November 2018

GBM will be at "The Big 5 - International Building And Construction Show" in Dubai - from 26 to 29 November 2018. Come and join us at the "Construction Tools & Building Materials" stand - n. Z2 D169. We are waiting for you!

September: 2018: GBM obtains the certification ISO 9001:2015. What does it mean?

What is the most known and craved standard for quality management system in the world? We have it. And we explain why it can make a real difference for a company that produces certified props and scaffolding.

PERI, Doka and Hünnebeck second-hand props: discover how GBM can help you cut your construction site costs by 50%.

In need of props or scaffolding for a new construction site? Play it safe: choose GBM and half your costs.

Galvanized shoring props: "All that glitters is not zinc."

Galvanized props: the shiniest, the better? Not always. Judging the quality of building material based on the aesthetic appearance is not always the best criterion. Knowing products and applications in-depth is always a better option: here are a few tips on appropriate assessment of props.

DIN EN 1065 GBM props: manufactured in compliance with the world's toughest standard.

GBM's heavy duty props are certified in compliance with the DIN EN 1065 standard, which defines one of the toughest standards in the construction industry. Discover what the "quality" of a prop actually means.

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If you wish to contact us in a different way:

+39 331 188 0953