PERI, Doka and Hünnebeck second-hand post shores: discover how GBM can help you cut your construction site costs by 50%.

In need of post shores or scaffolding for a new construction site? Play it safe: choose GBM and half your costs.


New or second-hand post shores? Here are a few tips.

Anyone working in the construction industry knows that quality scaffolding and post shores manufacturing household names are very rare to find worldwide: PERI, Doka, Hünnebeck and GBM have been manufacturing reliable top-quality products for decades.

What is truly convenient when time comes for a company to buy new materials?

In a market offering a wide variety of options, post shoreer choice of construction material for your construction company is getting tougher by the day. In need of post shores or scaffolding for a new construction site? Play it safe: choose GBM and half your costs by using guaranteed and certified materials. Here is how.

Each time a manufacturer is called upon to renovate or expand the machinery thereof, the choice often falls on buying material that is compatible and homogeneous with respect to the material available in the warehouse.

Whenever a company decides to buy new post shores from one of the renowned makers in the industry (including: PERI, Doka and Hünnebeck), he is faced with a potentially crucial factor: cost.

Quality and commercial implications that come with top brand names make the price of new post shores relatively high. Any time we buy a “renowned” product we also inevitably end up paying marketing and advertisement costs incurred by the manufacturers in their visibility campaign.

Thus, many businesses opt for the same products, though second-hand, so as to get the original and guaranteed product at a markedly lower price.

But how actually convenient is it considering that GBM offers the chance to get a new post shore, with the same technical specifications as the top brand names, at the same if not a lower price?

5 reasons to choose second-hand PERI, Doka, Hünnebeck and GBM post shores:

  • 1. Saving

    Depending on the type of post shore and intended use, the cost of a second-hand "top brand" post shore can drop even by as much as 50% with respect to a new one of the same type and brand.

  • 2. Compatibility with post shores and scaffoldings already available at the construction site or in the warehouse for future use

    Buying products we already know, identical and compatible with the ones we already have and use is crucial towards large modular construction sites suitable for expansion and supplementation in future. Models such as PEP PERI, PEP ERGO, EUREX TOP, and ECO 20 DOKA are well known and used worldwide.

  • 3. Certified and selected material, with the same features as new materials

    Certificates and compliance of branded post shores are there to guarantee their durability over time. Furthermore, they are inevitably linked to purchasing original and top brand products - even when it comes to second-hand post shores. Which is the better option when it comes to safety at the construction site? A certified second-hand product or a new product of unknown origin?

  • 4. Standard and quality guarantee over time

    Historical companies offer constant presence over time, actually setting benchmark construction standards widespread and renowned across the globe through their products. This makes it difficult to replace them with new products that are not compatible with the ones currently in use.

  • 5. Multi-decade experience in the construction industry

    Besides a long-standing experience, PERI, Doka, Hünnebeck and GBM have lived through the changes, innovations and improvements of the construction techniques and materials over the decades. The manufacturers of construction site materials with specific features clearly know how construction sites work, the inherent problems and the actual needs of those working in it.

GBM B. E. is a widely experienced Italian company which has made a name for itself worldwide over the last years when it comes to construction. As a matter of fact, besides offering a wide range of second-hand PERI, Doka, Hünnebeck and GBM- branded post shores, GBM B. E. above all offers the chance to get new GBM post shores that are perfectly compatible with the other brands, with the same technical features and certificates as the most popular brands. All this at a pretty competitive price even with respect to top-brand second-hand products.

Thus, here are...

5 reasons to buy new GBM post shores:

  • 1. Brand new material, never used in a construction site before

    New GBM post shores are delivered directly from the production line, free of the flaws inevitably observable in post shores previously used in a construction site. 100% intact painting and galvanising: absolute guarantee considering the novelty of the product, totally free of any defects, not even visual.

  • 2. Same certificates and quality level as PERI, Doka and Hünnebeck

    GBM post shores were granted the same certificates and they are made using the same materials as the post shores of the more renowned brands.

  • 3. Option to customise the post shore using a sticker and coloured ferrule

    Immediate visual identification of your post shores and absolutely free of any complications and/or exchange of the materials by third parties once at the construction site.

  • 4. Option of manufacture upon request, to suit your needs, as opposed to second-hand products which obviously depend on availability

    Every order comes with the chance to meet your specific needs, while second-hand products obviously exclude customisation at any level whatsoever. Second-hand post shores market is risky and it cannot adapt to the needs of manufacturers: top brand second-hand post shores depend heavily on availability and they cannot be produced when unavailable.

  • 5. The price

    GBM offers the chance to buy a new product, with the same technical features as a top brand second-hand product, but at a lower cost.

The ideal warehouse? One that holds just the required products (and without wastage)

In every construction company, warehouse and machinery management plays an ever-increasing role in keeping business management costs under control.

The difference between a successful and struggling business, burdened by short-sighted purchase, often lies in the wise choice of the products intended to be bought depending on the type and times of use

Whereas stock management was not considered a priority up to a few years ago and methods such as Just In Time or Kaizen were known to and applied by just a few, the situation has changed radically today.

Over the years, Doka, PERI and Hünnebeck have gained market share through high quality products and by offering expert advice to major construction companies, establishing themselves as some of the most renowned brands worldwide. However, this awareness comes at a price, i.e. it is their customers who pay for it.

But who are these companies? What is their history?

Doka: the giant for giants

Doka is currently a world leader when it comes to manufacturing and designing formworks. Founded as a frameworks manufacturer in 1868 in Austria, Doka has constantly grown up to becoming the leader when it comes to planning and creating the so-called “Large Scale Projects” such as dams, galleries and hydroelectric power plants). Figures are there to show the great effort required in these large-scale projects: more than 7000 employees and more than 160 branches scattered in all continents implies the use of Doka products in all sectors of the construction industry.

PERI: history and tradition

PERI is a historical name in the Italian construction market. It has been a major producer of formworks and scaffoldings for almost half a century. Founded in 1969, it has won the trust of its customers over the years, focusing on the production of equipment for large infrastructural and hydraulic works. This is why many constructors have tested the quality of PERI products over the years, opting to use these products.

Hünnebeck: unity is power

The Hünnebeck brand is part of Brand Energy & Infrastructure Services, which operates in the field of special infrastructures services, constriction and energy industry worldwide. Hünnebeck dates back to the foundation of Harrisburg Car Manufacturing Corporation in 1853. It subsequently, since 1909, joined the scaffoldings systems design and manufacturing industry before diversifying into various fields of engineering. The Brand currently has 23,000 professional employees and 225 branches across the globe.

GBM: the most acclaimed Italian worldwide

GBM Building Equipment knows how important it is to analyse the pros and cons each construction company is faced with when buying building materials, whether second-hand or new. Both options have solid grounds of choice.

Thus, with the aim of meeting market needs, GBM offers the chance to opt for any of the two choices, by providing second-hand PERI, Doka and Hünnebeck-branded products alongside new GBM products, perfectly compatible with the former.

Planning to buy?

Have you opted for second-hand PERI, Doka or Hünnebeck products? Would you rather buy new post shores, certified and guaranteed by GBM? Do you have used top brand post shores still in your warehouse and would like to sell?

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