Accessories for scaffolding

Scaffoldings and frameworks are easier and faster.

GBM scaffolding accessories

We - at GBM - offer one of the widest range of scaffoldings accessories available in Italy. Some of these accessories can make assembling and disassembling a scaffolding easier.

Base plate for scaffolding

Base plate for scaffolding
ø40mm pipe ø140x6mm weight 0,90kg
cod. PO01

Base jack painted

Base jack painted
ø38mm pipe 6,35mm pitch plate ø140x6
350mm weight 2,15kg
500mm weight 2,25kg
750mm weight 3,00kg
1000mm weight 4,00kg
cod. PO02

Base jack galvanized

Base jack galvanized
ø38 mm 8.00 mm pitch
150x150x5 plate
350 mm weight 2.30 kg
500 mm weight 2.40 kg
750 mm weight 3.20 kg
1000 mm weight 4.25 kg
cod. PO04

Swivel base jack galvanized

Swivel base jack galvanized
ø38 mm pipe 8.00 mm pitch ø150x150x5 plate
500 mm weight 3.00 kg
1000 mm weight 4.90kg
cod. PO05

Four way head screw jack galvanized

Four way head screw jack galvanized
ø38 mm pipe 8.00 mm pitch
170x85 mm fork
500 mm weight 3.75 kg
1000 mm weight 5.80 kg
cod. PO06

U-shaped fork head galvanized

U-shaped fork head galvanized
ø38 mm pipe 8.00 pitch
150x100 mm fork
500 mm weight 3.70 kg
1000 mm weight 5.75 kg
cod. PO07

Eyelet for scaffolding

Eyelet for scaffolding
ø 22 mm
120-200 mm
weight 0.20kg
cod. PO08

Anchor eye for scaffolding

Anchor eye for scaffolding
ø 22 mm
M12x90 mm
weight 0.50 kg
cod. PO09

Anchor eye for scaffolding

Anchor eye for scaffolding
ø 50 mm
M12x90 mm
weight 0.48 kg
cod. PO10

Anchoring plugs

Anchoring plugs
ø60mm h35mm weight 0,95kg
cod. PO11

Tubular anchorage with hook for scaffolding

Tubular anchorage with hook for scaffolding
pipe ø48,3x2,75mm ø20 500mm weight 1,90kg
cod. PO12

Tubular anchorage L-shaped for scaffolding

Tubular anchorage L-shaped for scaffolding
pipe ø48,3x2,75mm l500mmx200 weight 2,20kg
cod. PO13

Adjustable anchorage with hook for scaffolding
pipe ø38x3,8mm ø 20mm l350mm weight 3,10kg
cod. PO14

Coupling cover
weight 0,10kg
cod. PO15

Galvanized platform
weight 14,20kg
cod. PO16

Platform with trapdoor
weight 26kg
cod. PO17

Galvanized ladder
weight 8,50kg
cod. PO18

Galvanized toeboard
length 1,8 m weight 4,70kg
cod. PO19

Galvanized toeboard
length 1 m weight 2,80kg
cod. PO20

Hopper support
height 65 cm
length 97cm
width 72cm
weight 16,0kg
cod. PO23

height 85 cm
length 98cm
width 74cm
weight 8,5kg
cod. PO24

upper ø: outer 59 cm inner 50 cm
lower ø 38 cm
height 106 cm
weight 9,0kg
cod. PO25

Scaffolding caster wheel with brake
200x40mm weight 4,0 kg
cod. PO26

Joint pin for scaffolding
ø40x200mm weight 0,50kg
cod. G28

Accessories catalogue

Would you like to see the full catalogue of GBM worksite accessories?

Download the full catalogue in PDF format (12 MB)

Or go straight to the online version.

Content of the catalogue? General information and technical features: stacking pallets for props, jackbases, fork heads, anchors, simple, orthogonal, swivel couplers for scaffolding, beam couplers, tie rods Dywidag, formwork clamps, tie-brackets and ties for pillar casting, formwork clamps, nuts and cones... and much more.

GBM - Construction accessories catalogue

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Подпори, сертифицирани по стандарт DIN EN 1065 GBM: Конструирани съгласно най-строгата нормативна уредба на света.

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