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We - at GBM - have been one of the largest manufacturers of building props in Italy for more than 60 years.
Discover technical data on length, diameter and capacity for all types and choose the prop that best suits your needs.
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Types of props

We - at GBM - have been manufacturing props suitable for all worksite needs for more than 60 years.
Below are our six types of shoring systems.

Italia Props

“Italia” light props

Light props: historical economic and versatile models made in Italy. Made of steel, they are dip-coated (red).

DIN EN 1065 EURO props

DIN EN 1065 EURO props

High capacity props, designed to bear more than 30kN. Made in Italy but DIN EN 1065-approved with certificate issued in Germany.

Fork head props

Fork head props

Props made with fork head already welded to support the beam in the shoring system. Manufactured according to the customer's ABOMA.

Push-pull props

Push-pull props

Push-pull props: they operate pulling and pushing to hold the formworks in position when laying at the site.

Aluminium props

Aluminium props

Alu props: besides being the lightest, reach higher heights and greater capacity as compared to equivalent steel props.

Shoring towers

Shoring towers

These are modular structures capable of reaching 12 metres high. Ideal for working off the ground, guaranteeing safe, quick and simple operating conditions.

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GBM - Building props catalogue

Manufacturing building props.
GBM: made in Italy, used worldwide.

We - at GBM - have been designing, manufacturing and selling props for more than 60 years.
This is why construction companies across the world opt for our products.

Props are the starting point in every multi-storey building construction. They are generally classified into: light props, DIN EN 1065 props, push-pull props, forked props, aluminium props and loading towers.

Besides helping you save materials and time, these props are a safe bet to achieve your results at the worksite.

We - at GBM - have been in the props manufacturing industry for more than 60 years.

Ever groundbreakers, since back when we were just small-scale manufactures up to today when we utilise the most advanced metal and finished product machining techniques, ever striving to achieve top-notch production.

Our props meet all quality standards required by the most demanding standards worldwide, throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Here is why our production process is unique:

  • our products are made of quality raw materials, procured from painstakingly selected suppliers;
  • we care about their durability and resistance over time and against harsh conditions, coating them with utmost protection (hot-dip galvanization in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 1461 standard)
  • we meet safety conditions by providing anti-shearing and anti-slip-off systems.

However, manufacturing top-quality and supreme durability props is just the starting point to us: our experience alongside those working on the ground in any international market, has led us to diversifying our production into six different types of products striving towards meeting any demand.

GBM - Props manufacturing steps

Manufacturing GBM props - Props on a pallet, ready for shipment

Props manufacturing steps

Props machining steps: we manufacture our products with utmost care, in compliance with the toughest standards in Italy and in Europe.

GBM products are sold all over the world. Thus, each and every product must comply with safety and reliability standards always exceeding the standards required in the country of use.

Setting up a safe construction site requires compliance with strict standards. Right from the choice of materials used for setting up the worksite. This is why we - at GBM - make our products in compliance with strict quality standards: to guarantee safety and reliability for our customers. And for the customers of our customers.

Basically, here are the steps for manufacturing a certified GBM prop.

For further details on GBM, certifications on our products and on our "props made in Italy", please contact us.

GBM - Props manufacturing steps

GBM - Props manufacturing steps

PROJECT — It all starts with our customer's needs. Whether you a dealer in building materials on the other corner of the globe, or a major constructor striving to complete a large project, or a small-scale construction company, the first step always lies in identifying which products you actually need.

GBM - Props manufacturing steps

RAW MATERIAL — Our technical department will then select the raw material depending on the required type of prop, by verifying the quality of the steel.

GBM - Props manufacturing steps

CUTTING — Steel pipes (both external and internal) are then cut to size with a +/-1 mm tolerance. Cutting is done using automatic cutting machines: a bundle of pipes is placed on the loader which selects one pipe at a time. It is then loaded on a positioning device and cut precisely at the desired height. Lastly, the pipe is unloaded into a container for the subsequent step.

GBM - Props manufacturing steps

DRILLING — Then there follows the drilling step, which is carried out depending on the type of pipe. Due to the new technologies, the drilling is quick, precise and burr-free.

GBM - Props manufacturing steps

WELDING — External pipes proceed to the welding step, where - suitably positioned - they are assembled with the base plate (previously forged by 250-ton press machines) and the end is threaded (obtained through a rolling-forming process, which reinforces its structure). Once drilled, the internal pipes undergo the same welding process but concerning the plate only.

GBM - Props manufacturing steps

COATING AND GALVANISING — Once welded, the props can be: dip coated, cold-dip galvanised (electrolytically), for a more durable protection with respect to dip coating and for better aesthetic quality or hot dip galvanised for a basically permanent protection, suitable for all environments and withstanding external atmospheric agents.

GBM - Props manufacturing steps

FINISH — Depending on the product, next come the completion steps including: mounting an outer sleeve on the covered threading or a forged steel ring nut on which the product identification code is stamped; marking the plates with the customer’s identification code.

GBM - Props manufacturing steps

CUSTOMISATION — Customised products are available upon request: for example with a ring nut bearing the customer's colours, or the customisation of the prop using stickers bearing the customer's logo;

GBM - Props manufacturing steps

CAPACITY TEST — We perform in-house tests (capacity tests) on randomly collected samples.

GBM - Props manufacturing steps

PACKAGING AND SHIPMENT — Once through with machining, we proceed to the packaging step. Packages usually come with 50 pieces, strapped. The material is then loaded into a truck or container and shipped.


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