Props accessories

Useful for making work in any construction worksite easier and faster.

GBM props accessories

We manufacture accessories to make life at the worksite easier. Some of these operations enable making the positioning and stripping of the props for a slab easier.

Pin for T/S galvanised steel pin
for h 30 mm weight 0.10 kg ring nut
code PU04

Steel pin for prop

Steel pin for prop
ø 11 mm weight 0.52 kg
ø15 mm weight 0.59 kg
ø16 mm weight 0.88 kg
code PU05

Steel pin for prop with chain
ø16mm l130mm weight 0,35kg
code PU06

Pin for prop with steel spring
ø16mm l75mm weight 0,12kg
code PU07

Nut for prop light type in cast iron
for ø60mm h40mm weight 0,85kg
code PU10

Nut for prop heavy type in cast iron
for ø76mm h50mm weight 1,30kg
code PU13

Nut for prop with 3 fins in forged steel
for ø60mm h35mm 1,00kg
for ø76mm h40mm 1,35kg
for ø89mm h40mm 1,40kg
code PU14

Quick release for steel prop
ø int. 63,5mm weight 0,55kg
ø int. 79,5mm weight 1,10kg
code PU15

Tripod stand for prop
for ø48-89mm weight 8,50kg
code PU16

Single supporting head for H20 beam
weight 0,75kg
code PU17

Four way head for H20 beam
int. dimension 86x170mm weight 2,40kg
code PU18

Lowering head for H20 beam
int. dimension 86+86mm h300mm weight 7,50kg
code PU19

Plate for push-pull prop
weight 0,9kg
code AC05

Double plate for push-pull prop
weight 4,4kg
code AC08

Accessories catalogue

Would you like to see the full catalogue of GBM worksite accessories?

Download the full catalogue in PDF format (12 MB)

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Content of the catalogue? General information and technical features: stacking pallets for props, jackbases, fork heads, anchors, simple, orthogonal, swivel couplers for scaffolding, beam couplers, tie rods Dywidag, formwork clamps, tie-brackets and ties for pillar casting, formwork clamps, nuts and cones... and much more.

GBM - Construction accessories catalogue

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