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Useful in every construction site.
Accessories for props, scaffoldings, couplings, formworks, and stacking pallets.
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Types of accessories

We - at GBM - manufacture a number of accessories capable of covering any event of use in a worksite.
More than 120 specific accessories for props and scaffoldings, and any other type of couplings, tools and containers required in the construction industry.

Accessories for props

Accessories for props

Pins, hooks, ring nuts, folding tripods, fork heads for H20 beams and much more: discover all supplementary components to make your work using props easier.

Accessories for scaffoldings

Accessories for scaffoldings

Base plates, fork heads, anchors. Works using scaffoldings? GBM enables making operations at the workplace faster.



Simple, orthogonal, swivel couplers , couplings for beams and many other types. Discover the most appropriate for you.

Accessories for formworks

Accessories for formworks

Tie rods , formwork clamps, tie-brackets and ties for pillar casting, formwork clamps, nuts and cones.

Stacking pallets for props

Stacking pallets for props

Stacking pallets for props. Resistant, galvanised, painted, transportable, compatible with the brands most commonly available in the market.

Other accessories

Other accessories

Other accessories for your worksite: steel builder trestles, trestles for painter, trestle stools, trestle brickies, screw parapets, and much more...

Accessories catalogue

Would you like to see the full catalogue of GBM worksite accessories?

Download the full catalogue in PDF format (12 MB)

Or go straight to the online version.

Content of the catalogue? General information and technical features: stacking pallets for props, jackbases, fork heads, anchors, simple, orthogonal, swivel couplers for scaffolding, beam couplers, tie rods Dywidag, formwork clamps, tie-brackets and ties for pillar casting, formwork clamps, nuts and cones... and much more.

GBM - Construction accessories catalogue



Thanks to technological development, some metal processing associated to heavy industry are becoming more and more eco-friendly. Surprised? Here’s the reason why.

B, D, E Class props: what is the difference among them?

They all comply with the UNI EN 1065 European standard, they are able to guarantee high capacities. So what are the factors that help you choosing which prop to use?

September: 2018: GBM obtains the certification ISO 9001:2015. What does it mean?

What is the most known and craved standard for quality management system in the world? We have it. And we explain why it can make a real difference for a company that produces certified props and scaffolding.

Стойки б/у PERI, Doka и Hünnebeck: сократите на 50% ваши расходы на строительство с помощью компании GBM.

Компании PERI, Doka, Hünnebeck и GBM уже на протяжении многих десятилетий производят качественную и надежную продукцию. Стоит покупать стойки б/у или новые? Советы по выбору.

Оцинкованные стойки: "Не весь тот цинк, что блестит".

Оцинкованные стойки: чем больше блеска, тем лучше? Не всегда. Оценка качества строительных материалов по внешнему виду не всегда работает. Необходимо хорошее знание продукта и принципов его применения. Вот несколько правил для правильной оценки строительной стойки.

Стойки DIN EN 1065 компании GBM произведены в соответствии с самым строгим стандартом в мире.

Стойки с высокой несущей способностью GBM сертифицированы в соответствии со стандартом DIN EN 1065, одним из самых высоких стандартов в этой отрасли. В этой статье вы узнаете, почему этот стандарт имеет главное значение при строительстве.

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