Хомутовые леса

Леса с изменяемой формой. Может использоваться в любом направлении и при любом угле наклона.

About pipe-coupling scaffoldings

Besides being greatly versatile, GBM pipe-coupling scaffoldings enable creating any type of temporary work within a short time.

Contrary to fixed scaffoldings with prefabricated frames, this type of scaffolding enables connecting pipes at any distance and position, thus obtaining a variable geometry system.

This system enables performing any types of works which would otherwise be impossible to achieve using conventional techniques.

The pipe-coupling scaffolding is the ideal solution for achieving high quality and resistance of the single components, combined with a theoretically infinite flexibility of use.

GBM pipe-coupling scaffoldings

Technical features of the pipe-coupling scaffoldings

GBM tube-coupler scaffolding comes with the following features:

  • Pipe material: S235JR steel
  • Pipe protection: Black dip coating or hot-dip galvanization according to the UNI EN ISO 1461 standard, with a guaranteed minimum thickness of 55 microns;
  • Pipe outer diameter: 48.3 mm
  • Pipe nominal thickness: 3.20 mm
  • Pipe length: from 40 to 600 cm
  • Coupling obtained according to the UNI-EN74 standard
  • Coupling protection: Tropicalisation with guaranteed minimum thickness of 8 microns
GBM - Ponteggio tubo-giunto

Technical data sheet

As a tool, GBM tube-coupler scaffolding technical data sheet is crucial for worksite operators. The technical data sheet informs the operator on the main features of the scaffolding.

Download GBM tube-coupler scaffoldings technical data sheet in pdf format (1 MB)

GBM tube-coupler scaffolding assembly, use and maintenance instructions booklet

GBM tube-coupler scaffoldings instructions booklet is the ministerial approval required for manufacturing, selling and using these scaffoldings. The ministerial manufacturing and use approval is granted to the manufacturer by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies (MLPS). It is available for all GBM's customers.

Download GBM tube-coupler scaffoldings assembly, use and maintenance instructions booklet in pdf format (5 MB)

GBM tube-coupler scaffoldings assembly, use and maintenance instructions booklet in pdf format

Would you like to view the full GBM scaffoldings catalogue?

Download the full catalogue in PDF format (9.9 MB)

Or go straight to the online version.

GBM - Construction scaffoldings catalogue

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